Airdrops are a great way to get involved with crypto with absolutely zero investment. Not only that but they are surprisingly lucrative. In this article I’ll explain how to get the most out of your airdrops. is a directory of the latest airdrops, at the height of alt-mania in 17-18 it was hard to keep up with the site, since then, the addition of new airdrops has slowed down somewhat.

To receive an airdrop you usually have t complete a set of tasks either involving posting on your social media and following projects, or you will have to download their app or sign up on their website. Sometimes its all of the above and it can get quite time consuming so if time is of the essence to you then make sure the amount of requirements matches the reward. All of this information is visible on the listings

Lots of the projects on are garbage, they will likely never get further than an initial exchange listing and subsequent de-listing a year or two down the line. Some may hang around, making announcements of announcements, and promises of promises they aren’t worth hodling.

Having said all that, it still has gems to find. One of the airdrops available at the time of writing is $20 of XLM per month for up to two years for signing up to a genuinely useful service. The service offering this drop is called, if you want to find out more about it we have an article here.

however some have been built to last. If you have confidence in the project you have been airdropped – and the market is at a low point, i would hold on to the asset, setting it to sell at a peak in-case i miss it, rather then sell it straight away.

Airdrops wont support your income on their own. But if you keep up with these drops, whilst having a couple of other reliable income streams, like interest on hodlings and an apparel store. You will have built a solid set of secondary income streams that can go straight into those crypto bags, be it Bitcoin or alts.