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julian assange & the great satoshi mystery silenced by the US

The Great Satoshi Mystery

Is this why Satoshi has been silent for so long? And what could it mean for Bitcoin? Bitcoin has had many names put forward for the real identity of its…


The Last Generation of Liberty?

How big-data, cashless societies, & the internet of things are pushing us toward an authoritarian nightmare. A technology revolution is looming. Big-data contributes to both the means and the motives…


5 Simple Ways To Be A Better Hodler

5 Concise pointers to be mindful of when hodling. Hodl doesn’t mean just buy and hope. These five points give you some concise non-financial advise in regard to investing in…


Has Bitcoin Topped at $20k?

With Bitcoin heading to 6k, are we forever more doomed to be range-bound between here and 20k? As most in the space well-know, at the peak of the bitcoin market…


Decentralised Finance: The Sleeping Giant

Decentralised finance, also known as defi, is a new sector of finance, working in parallel to the conventional financial systems. Although nascent – it already provides a wide range of…


2019/2020 Investment strategy

Contents: Traditional Market OverviewCrypto Market OverviewTop 4 Cryptocurrencies (by Market Cap) OutlookAltcoin Analysis Disclaimer: Our Website is a financial data and news portal, discussion forum and content aggregator. Please note,…

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