How to stack satoshis as quickly as possible, without trading.

Stacking sats doesn’t just mean dollar-cost-averaging of your wages, it means finding them sats any way you can. If you haven’t got the ability to rent out property, the idea of being able to make money in your sleep might seem ludicrous but in-fact, it is more than possible, its easy. Renting your internet connection, mining cryptocurrency, drop-shipping, web ads, affiliate marketing. Even browsing the web. All of these will provide different levels of passive income and each will require different amounts of maintenance. In the following list, we cover the basics of online passive income streams that can help you increase your crypto savings as quick as you can.

Free Online Shop

Using a free account with 000webhost, and using their WordPress back-end option with the Woocommerce plugin you can make a fully featured web store, a platform allowing you to sell anything you want for free. Custom apparel, drop-shipping, 3D printed parts, digital goods, services, subscriptions. You can make an online shop to turn your craft into currency.

There are a couple more things to think about, buying a domain so your site looks more professional, an SSL certificate for your checkout process to be secure. This can be acquired for free by installing the WordPress plugin called SSL Zen. However i recommend you buy a life-time certificate.

A full guide on how to do this can be found here


Drop-shipping is where you to sell a product you don’t physically have in stock, but have sourced cheaply, and can order to a customers address on demand. There are two ways to start a drop shipping business for free.

Firstly, by making a Woocommerce store like the one mentioned in the previous section ‘Free Online Shop’.
Or you can list the things you have sourced on Ebay. When a purchase is made, place an order with your supplier to be shipped to your clients address. Supply Ebay with the tracking number provided by your supplier, this notifies your customer the item has been dispatched. This and the last method ‘ Free Online Shop’ are the best ways to accelerate your crypto savings if you have few resources to begin with.

Renting your internet

Sounds complex right? like it might involve port-forwarding, or turning your house into an internet cafe. Not quite. Honeygain is an application that allows you to monetize your spare internet connection, it currently runs on Mac OS, Windows and Android. It even lets you use multiple devices on one internet connection. It pays better than pool cryptocurrency-mining using just a CPU, and is much, much quicker set up. The one caveat of the system, payouts are capped at a minimum of $20, so you must accumulate $20 before withdrawal is possible. This takes roughly a month on an well used internet connection. Visit Honeygain to find out more.

Browsing the internet

I’m sure you are aware of this all ready but its worth mentioning if you aren’t. The company known as Brave have produced a browser that rewards you for your attention in the way of cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Token. The system blocks all 3rd party ads and rewards you for every Brave ad you click. It is possible to cash out these tokens for dollars instantly or even convert them to other cryptocurrencies.
Get Brave Here.

Mining Cryptocurrency

As mentioned in the previous section, cryptocurrency mining is a great way to make passive income, if you have the know-how and computer power that is. By computer power i mean GPUs, as many high-spec ones as possible. Having a ‘mining rig’, and therefore, mining, is out of allot of peoples reach.

Having said that its not impossible to mine on a low powered system. Minergate makes mining a breeze. Even if your just using a CPU! Their application has an automated mode that mines the currency that gives the best return at the time or you can select the currency that interests you the most. You can even mine multiple at once. The application lets you monitor your mining even when your away with an online-dashboard. Visit Minergate for more info.

Crypto Interest

It used to be possible that when you put you savings into a bank it would accrue interest, these days the idea is somewhat of a joke. But not everywhere. Companies like Blockfi and Celcius network are offering 8-12% percent interest on assets held with them. Just keep in mind, not your keys, not your crypto. If you already have big bags then this is probably the easiest way to increase your crypto savings.


During the height of alt season you could have made enough from airdrops to live off. Airdrops have slowed down since the hype bubble of 17-18. But with the space warming up again, another alt-season could be just round the corner. Despite the fact alt-season has long passed us, there are still plenty of airdrops happening, and you can still make good income from them. We have an article about airdrops here. For a list of current airdrops visit

Web Ads

If you have an established blog or any other kind of website where you have access to the HTML of the site you can host ads served by ad-networks. The simplest way to get started is with google ads or to organise them yourself through affiliation with companies. This isn’t quite passive income but it is low maintenance.

Affiliate Links

Littered throughout my articles are links to various services. If these services are used via my links, at no extra expense to the user of the link, the service provider pays me an affiliate reward, which supports me as a creator. We also have an affiliates page so you can see who pays us for clicks. This is affiliate marketing. Just to be clear i don’t feature affiliate links, services or products in my articles for any service i haven’t used and enjoyed.

Combining approaches

Each of these approaches on their own doesn’t provide much in the way of income. However If you combine these approaches you could end up not just increasing your crypto savings, you could set yourself up to be able to live off your craft or passion.