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Defi: Boom, Bust, Sushi?

2020 has been a formative year for defi, it poised itself at the beginning of the year to be the next big thing in crypto and sold as the...

2020 Defi Market Boom

Over the past few weeks defi has experienced a surge of capital inflow with the total value locked into it reaching all-time-highs ($1.65bn). Surpassing the previous highs of February...

$60 Million a Minute.

The story of how the fed got to printing $1 million per second. The fed has announced enormous amounts of economic stimulus, averaged out it equates to nearly $1 million...

2019/2020 Investment strategy

Contents: Traditional Market OverviewCrypto Market OverviewTop 4 Cryptocurrencies (by Market Cap) OutlookAltcoin Analysis Disclaimer: Our Website is a financial data and news portal, discussion forum and content aggregator. Please...

Has Bitcoin Topped at $20k?

With Bitcoin heading to 6k, are we forever more doomed to be range-bound between here and 20k? As most in the space well-know, at the peak of the bitcoin...
Market cycle update: Paradigm shift

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